Our mission is to emanate a socially sustainable beauty & wellness business model for a better future.

Love Alchemy Lifestyle Boutique & Organic Hair Studio’s ethos is whole heartedly committed to providing our clients and growing community with safe beauty products and services that are made with their true nature in mind and will add positive energy and value to their well-being, lives and to the planet.

We have mastered the attraction of sourcing the best local, Canadian, and overseas partnerships through many years of our own research. Today we can stand behind all our offerings and say we have sourced the best of the cleanest and most ethical partners for our conscious clients and growing community!

Everyday is empowering for us to work with like minded partners that share the same vision, there is so much happiness and excitement when everyone is calibrating with the same intent!

Better business for a better future!

Happy team means happy clients!

Love Alchemy believes that today’s conscious consumer wants to vote with their dollars! The businesses of tomorrow will not be a “status quo” or “cookie cutter” model — the current beauty industry model is archaic and toxic to the planet and its people!

The new conscious client wants something safe and beautiful but tangible and they want a personal connection! They want their money to add value at a conscious level to their lives and to the sustainability of the planet.

Love Alchemy is a magnet for a better future, safe, clean, effective products and services with no compromise to your health, beauty routine or to the well-being of all of man kind.

– The Love Alchemy Team. 

Peace. Beauty. Style. Grace.

Our mission is the people and its planet.

I looove this place. I needed to get my hair evened out and I wanted to get some colour done but I was always afraid of it killing my hair.

I’m so happy with the results since the products used are organic and ethically sourced.

I have been postponing cutting my hair since getting someone that knows how to cut really curly hair is a hustle but I’m glad I gave them a chance to make my hair happy.

Enith Evans

This salon is my new go to! I felt right at home when I came in. Everyone was kind and friendly. I was immediately offered tea on my arrival which was a nice change for a hair salon.

Nicolle did my cut and did a fabulous job. I love how it turned out.

The products used are organic, vegan and smell delicious. They have a great selection of interesting and unique products for sale as well. Will definitely return!

Karlee Schonken

I Love the feeling of abundance here! Everything they touch turns to Gold! ( meaning wealth, prosperity)

We are treated like gold here with the most unconditional love!

They appreciate us and know that we will choose the best ideas for our hair! XO

Audrey Sobaram

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